Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PETA and the cons

I often feel that PETA shoots their mouth off too often, taking any current event story that happens and recommending that that celebrity or football team go veggie for some reason.
I mean, basically I agree, but doing it all the time becomes annoying.

So today I read this story about PETA recommending that prisons implement a veggie diet so that prisoners will be more healthy when they leave. My first thought was "Holy cow, PETA... give it a rest." But then I read through the rest of the story, and it turns out that the PETA comment was inspired by the fact that one prison in Quebec let a 450 pound drug dealer out of prison several months early simply because none of their furniture or doors etc could accommodate this guy... so he was getting early release because he was obese.

Bet the Republicans and conservatives never saw this benefit of going veggie - a vegetarian diet helps you keep your prisoners in jail and your drug dealers off the streets!