Monday, April 23, 2007

The Lack of Media Discussion

Once a person has done the reading, and I assume most people who stumble across this blog have, it becomes obvious that there's really no reason at all to eat meat.

If you start with the fact that getting your protein from meat is unnecessary, that in many ways it is bad for you, that switching to a vegetarian diet has numerous health advantages, and then go on to examine the environmental damage caused by factory farms, and the moral issues, you're left wondering why in the world anyone would even think about eating meat.

So we all know this.

The question remains - why isn't this whole topic covered in the media more often? As most writers will tell you, people simply don't want to investigate, and know, how their food got to their plate. I think this needs to change, and think we should hound the media to devote some print & air time to the various problems associated with meat-based diets in general, but factory farming in particular.

For those of you in Ontario, you may know that Television Ontario's program The Agenda is a very intelligent current affairs program hosted by Steve Paikin. What you may not know, is that on The Agenda's website there are Viewer's Forums and a Submit a show idea forum as well. The producers view the forum, which is a very busy one, and often turn the most heated discussion threads into episodes of the show.

I have started a thread titled "Factory Farming - Intensive Livestock Operations" and it has so far received a big fat zero responses from other viewers. I'd love it if we turned this into a popular thread and got an episode of the Agenda focused on factory farming issues.

If you'd like to help with this, go onto The Agenda's website, register yourself as a user, find the factory farming thread (there is a search function if you need it, but it should still be on the first or second page), and give your two cents worth about why the Agenda should talk about this issue, and why the media in general should cover it more often.

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