Monday, October 22, 2007

Luck of the veg-head

It was really nice in Orillia today.


Orillia, my new hometown, is a smallish city of about 35 000 people, and Annalise and I were a little bit worried about what sort of vegetarian/vegan dining we were going to be able to find in our new town.


We decide to go to the town's main pub (there are several pubs here, but Brewery Bay is the "Cheers" of Orillia - the iconic one on the scenic main street), and when we opened up the menu we couldn't believe how many veggie options there were.


After gushing to our waitress about all the veggie alternatives, and the ability to substitute veggie "chicken" for regular meat, we learn that the owner and his entire family are all vegetarian, and therefore all the VegHead stuff.


Orillia otherwise doesn't seem to have much vegetarian cuisine on offer, though the supermarkets are well stocked with soy icecream etc etc. but thank god we at least have one place that we can go to and eat.


klompengirl said...

I wonder where you went for lunch today?

And hey, guess what!? My advisor is vegetarian/mostly vegan!

Melissa said...

the colors in that first photo are so nice!
Veggie food is so delicious sometimes. I'm not vegetarian yet, but I'm working on it. Slowly but surely. The good news is that I'm starting to try new things more and I'm liking more and more things that before I wouldn't have even touched.