Monday, June 2, 2008

KFC Canada

It would seem that this is only in Canada, but it looks like KFC has succumbed to some PETA-Pressure and is going to start improving their poultry purchasing policies.
Aside from some new humane treatment requirements, KFC is going to start offering a vegan chicken substitute.

This is the one that makes you go hmmmm.... - is any vegan really going to step into a KFC and order a bucket of vegan "chicken"? Especially when well-read vegans know that in California, KFC has to tell customers that their french fries are carcinogenic?

This Canadian Press story lays out most of the details, but the story is also told in a few other places if you do a google news search.

P.S. - I don't really want to talk about it, but due to a restaurant misunderstanding last night, I put meat into my belly. My belly started doing backflips just at the end of dinner, and the meat didn't stay around very long. I'm still kind of trying to convince myself that my tummy went nuts due to hot sauce or something, but no... I think it was meat. My girlfriend asked if it had tasted like meat, and I had no idea. It's been so long that I have no idea what meat tastes like anymore.

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Jess said...


Hey thought I'd let you know that due to some meetings with coaches and nutritionists, it looks like I won't be vegan much longer. We'll see what happens, and although I'd like to be more stubborn about this, when it comes down to eating or skiing, skiing will win. Thanks for linking me and checking out my blog! Good luck and get in some good riding this summer.

Jess - LunaSki