Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meatlessness hitting the mainstream

The March 29 issue of Maclean's magazine (this is Canada's national news magazine, something like Time and Newsweek in the U.S.) devoted a four page spread to a story called "Save the Planet / Stop Eating Meat."

Wow - Due to the environmental movement, and the C02 emissions related to the meat industry, "anti-meat" stories have been getting more space in the mainstream media. I'm still surprised though at this four page spread in what I imagine is Canada's best selling magazine.

The content is pretty good and wide-ranging. For readers (and writers) of veggie blogs it is probably well-known stuff, but for your aunt who doesn't know what a vegan is, this is a good introduction.

Some things I learned from the article are the following:

The American Meat Institute has launched a website called Meat Fuels America to fight back against the attacks being made upon them by environmental groups. Interestingly, their only argument seems to be economic - Meat is a Big Industry, so let's keep it going!

The Baltimore Public School system has instituted Meatless Mondays! This is awesome, and I'm impressed they did this despite the fact that they must have known it would make them the target of attack from the meat industry.

Of course, this isn't such a big deal when the meat industry is inept. They apparently wrote to Baltimore school officials and said that meatless mondays were wrong because they were preventing children from getting adequate protein. They did not seem to know that other foods apart from meat contain protein:

If [the meat lobby] had bothered to contact the Baltimore City Schools [it] would have found that each meat-free meal contains more than the amount of protein required by the USDA


Callie said...

I get SO excited when I see vegan promotions in magazines, on TV or anywhere else for that matter. I especially love when well respected celebrities start promoting veganism and vegetarianism. The last thing I want is for vegan to become another trend, but its great that people who know NOTHING about it, get the opportunity to LEARN. Instead of going by the whole thing about "vegans dont get protein. vegans dont get b12. vegans dont get iron."

Thanks for sharing this!

Andie said...

Great post - and I am excited about Baltimore's meatless Mondays! Kudos to them! And lets hope the meat industry is unable to do much damage in the face of all this change.

nora said...

Check out
This has gone mainstream in Canada and the U.S."way beyond Baltimore" (but it's great to see Baltimore's involvement in the schools).
In Canada from this website, the public can get e-mails, recipes and alot of positive motivation.