Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ben's Half-Cup Balls

I got this recipe several years ago from a guy called Ben... when I scribbled down the recipe I seem to have called them "Ben's Half-Cup Balls"... maybe he just called them Half-Cup Balls. That might be a better name. Either way, they're good.

Half-Cup of all of the following:

almond butter (can sub in a wee bit of peanut butter as taste dictates)
sesame seeds
sunflower seeds or cashews (I use cashews) crush or grind these a bit
dates (mushed up a little)

And then depending on your mood, either a half cup or a 1/4 cup of these:
almonds -- crush or grind these
pine nuts -- crush or grind these

Mix everything up in a bowl. Then make into round balls, and then roll in shredded coconut.

Put in freezer until frozen and then serve.

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