Friday, March 9, 2007

Plea from a cat named virtue

So I agree. This blog will be incredibly depressing if I just post tons of PETA style news articles here. The problem is that there are SO MANY stories like the one below from the Washington Post. But I'll restrain myself.

I'm hoping to do a three part "Why Veganism?" piece soon, focusing on the personal health benefits of veganism, the environmental benefits of veganism (it's often written that you can do more to fight global warming by going vegan than giving up your car), and the animal rights issues associated with factory farming. I'll start this soon.

And though other vegan blogs concentrate on vegan cooking - I'm not much of a cook. Maybe my girlfriend will let me take pictures of her cooking up curries and stir fries etc from the various veggie cookbooks we've been buying. Then she can take pictures of me washing dishes. : )

Image from Brad Carlile Photography.

Subject line from the Weakerthans


Wiebke said...

hi - i love the weakerthans!
and thanks for linking my blog.
kale - blanche it for a couple minutes, then stirfry with some garlic, ginger, soy sauce,...sprinkle with sesame. tasty.
you're in toronto?

Wiebke said...

hi, thanks for the link and your comment. and yay, you're from toronto! i don't know that many people here yet. good to meet you.
and i love the weakerthans!
kale - blanche it for a couple minutes, then stirfry with ginger, garlic, shoyu and sprinkle with sesame seeds. so good!

Wiebke said...

in case i sent you several computer broke down while sending the first comment. arrrrgh.

Ben said...

Hi Tuco,

I am going to subscribe to your new blog. I love the other one.

I am myself a vegetarian. I read some books last year and decided it was the way to go. Eating meat really does have a huge impact on the environment. We've all heard the old 7:1 stats.

What actually put me over the edge was watching McLibel last year and seeing how they finish off the chickens in McDonalds factories (not that I had eaten there recently or anything, but it was disturbing nonetheless.)